Clogged Drains

Clogged drains in and around your home can present a real challenge, not to mention being an inconvenience for you and your family. Booth Plumbing is experienced in all aspects of drain cleaning, drain unclogging and sewer line rooting. Our experienced technicians will show up in a timely manner, fix your drain correctly the first time and make sure that all repairs are completed affordably and within the estimate we’ve provided. After the Booth Plumbing team leaves your home, you can rest assured that the job was done right.

Kitchen drains often clog with build-up such as grease and cleaning detergents that accumulate over time, eventually causing a blockage in the pipes. A routine kitchen drain rooting can help to break up and move the clog and to allow drains to flow freely.

For shower and bathtub drains, clogs are often a result of soap and hair residue that become trapped and cause standing water in the sink or tub. If you find yourself standing in a puddle while you are taking a shower, this is the sign of a clogged drain that’s on its way to becoming blocked. A simple drain rooting by one of our experienced plumbers can help to clean the drain and ensure that it function effectively.

Other drains around the home, including basement, garage, patio and driveway drains can become clogged from outside dirt and debris. Booth Plumbing can fix these issues quickly and have your drains functioning like new in a matter of hours.

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