Sump Pump Replacement & Emergency Service

When water leaks into or accumulates in the basement of a home, flooding can occur and can be very destructive, as well as inconvenient. This is oftentimes the case when a home is built on a shallow water table where drainage cannot naturally occur. In order to remove the water from a basement, a sump pump can be installed to direct water from beneath the foundation and into the proper storm drains or other approved channels.

Booth Plumbing is a local provider of sump pump service for residents in the North Shore and Cook County areas. For over 40 years, we’ve been installing, maintaining and making sure sump pumps are in compliance with local laws and regulations. We also provide battery back-up systems to ensure added peace of mind. Our technicians provide 24 hour 7 day a week emergency sump pump service for your convenience.

Is your basement filling up with water? Do you have repeat basement flooding issues time and time again? Contact the experts at Booth Plumbing to schedule a sump pump installation, test or repair. Call us at (847) 945-8326.

Sump Pump Questions & Answers

Q: How often does my sump pump require maintenance?

Sump pumps should be checked, tested and cleaned every year to ensure they are functioning efficiently and free from any dirt and debris. Neglecting to service an existing sump pump can lead to pump failure and costly damage.

Q: If my sump pump fails, is there any back-up?

Yes. A battery powered sump pump can act as a secondary line of defense against rising water. Alarms can also be installed to alert you when water rises above a certain level. Booth Plumbing provides battery operated back-up options and can help to safeguard your home and your belongings from water damage.

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